1.     Modern information technology should be used for farming and to seek the maximum complement of farming occupation.

2.     Placing the lives of farmers in front of the goal for his opposition to develop the infrastructure.

3.     All kinds of agricultural information will be available under one umbrella. Creating such a computerized system.

4.     Farmers, government and private organizations to provide business opportunities.

5.     Build commodities processing industry. And to promote animal development business.

6.     Fallow land under cultivation to increase production of the soil brought sudharuna available.

7.     Farmers for agricultural research, information and support, providing service to farmers by establishing agricultural service center.

8.     Youth in agriculture, agricultural colleges to help build interest in the business, schools, educational institutions arrange various activities.

9.     Implementation of measures to control pollution of agricultural land occupations of the water for air.

10.  Organic farming as well as to promote mechanized agriculture.

11.  Courses for farmers, seminars, gathering, get-together, to organize agricultural exhibition.

12.  The son of farmers - scholarships for girls, the desire to compete with the test guidelines as well as agricultural, industrial organizations information technology staff to create the perfect performance.

13.  Organization of agricultural, social, medical, technical and other various areas of society and to the great scholar and accomplished personalities honored the ceremony, awards, praise, original citation of their standard delivery by thinking Communities.

14.  About Agriculture on behalf of the organization by encouraging awareness of the daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly, and large agricultural corps.

15.  In urban areas, education, business, farmers living in the dorm for girls mula job occasion, Boarding House, rasavant home, start Juice Centre.

16.  The Government shall within the framework of the law, the various activities of the Government, on behalf of the organization Implementation of success.